Sunday, November 6, 2011

Address Check: I miss everything about you survey

Dear people:

I just wanted to thank everyone again for responding to the survey last May. The responses were so lovely! I felt so lucky to read them. I need your help because I need to verify addresses (since its been so long). I promise I won't be doing anything creepy with it besides sending you a small prize (to those who entered their addresses).  I'll be sending a draft of the final piece to those whose responses were used in the project.

I haven't posted pictures yet because I want to get these in the mail first.

I've posted directions below on how to verify your address, so make sure you read carefully. If you're confused, just enter your email address. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just keep reading, its so fun to see what everyone submitted.
But: if you do find your response there, and you have since moved: submit your new address, BUT DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR OLD ADDRESS! (just do it all in the same little box. It will fit)

I'm sorry about the cherry blossom theme, all the other ones had gigantic/boring lettering. Make sure you read all the way through (or at least skim). I don't want to miss anyone!

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