Saturday, November 26, 2011

7 hours

Today, I was working on a new project. One that has to do with sunflower seeds. It's a sad short story about a girl. Anyways. Today, my goal was to carve it out of the linoleum block and print it. As I was carving, I decided to do 2 runs. This means I'd print it today, then carve more out of it and print it again in a different color. None of this matters except to say that in 7 hours I carved it, and printed it. This included only a 3 hour printing window. 3 hours may sound like a lot, but it included cutting the paper, setting up the press, trouble shooting with the geyser of oil that mysteriously spewed all over the rollers at various times & then, printing, cutting more paper, printing more (and my usual print-time for a simple project is 4 hours). I did it!

As I was leaving the studio, I remembered that if you do something a lot—you usually get better at it. I'd forgotten this! I guess because it felt like I was doing it a lot for a LONG TIME. But today was one of those moments where you realize: i'm getting better. 

Things will probably fall apart on monday, but THERE IS HOPE! (wahoo!)

And here are some seeds:

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