Friday, November 25, 2011

10, 11, 12

"Walking off an airplane and into the arms of my parents.

Every time I travel, every time I'm away from home and I get back and they are waiting for me as I walk off the plane I feel so relieved and so loved and so happy to know I am home again! As much as I love traveling, in truth I am a homebody and there is nothing better for me than just being near the people I love most."  —KTB
"Holding my son for the first time after he was born." —JGD
"Once, when I was little, I fell down our back patio cement steps and skinned my leg up pretty badly.  I remember sitting on my mom's lap, my face buried in her chest, crying myself out while she rocked me in the rocking chair.  After my sobs dried, she continued to rock and pet my head.  I remember looking over her shoulder out the sliding glass door and hearing the other children playing, but I was in no rush to hurry back to them.  I felt so safe, and loved, and comforted." —anonymous

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