Friday, October 14, 2011

on shivering.

First, you should read this post. It's a summary of Brian Doyle's visit written by a gorgeous girl who lives next door to my best friend in the universe. I feel like her street is famous because Meg Fee linked the post too. !!! It should have been linked—the girl can throw a sentence on the floor.

I'm especially happy she saved this: "Take disparate things and stitch them together. Easiest way to connect is by telling a story and leave it shivering."

I've heard Brian Doyle talk about shivering stories before, and I love it. A good story-teller knows how to let the story speak for itself. It takes humility—to resist the urge to take over the story. To over-tell it. For the story-teller to be bigger than the story.

I really appreciate it when I find someone who can pull his hat down a little bit over his eyes, lean back in his chair, and tell me something I've never heard before. Or, tell me a story I've heard a million times—

Which is probably one of the reasons I can't stop listening to this song:

Happy Friday.

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  1. That leave-a-story-shivering bit was my most favorite, too! Can't stop thinking about it, as in every story I see or feel or read or eavesdrop suddenly has a very vulnerable, valuable potential.

    Goodness, Mr. Doyle. Love that man. Also heart you--thanks for a little Ray to start my day.


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