Monday, October 17, 2011

On going to church with families (with small children):

It's like worshiping God with a conglomeration of very rare and exotic birds.

I love it so much.

(A year ago, before I started coming to the ward, there were no children. Just a lot of grandpas and grandmas. They felt kind of empty without any children, so they prayed and fasted as a ward that young families would move in. It worked.)


  1. I love that! Especially that the ward prayed for children.

    As someone with a small child, it's nice to know that people don't sit in church thinking, "My goodness, will someone make that kid shut it!" My relief society president tells me that every time she hears a young child in church, she thinks, "Another little blessing! How wonderful!"

    I love my kid (although I don't love it when he squeals during a prayer because he can't reach the hymn book), and it's nice to know that other people love him, too.

  2. Church without children is like a day without sunshine. I always felt awkward in those student wards that were deathly silent. Great post, Em. Like usual!

  3. I was in that ward when they held the first fast that young families would move in. At the time the dumpy, old houses that needed to be gutted were selling for $500K (I mean, stripped to the beams).

    As a courtesy, I thought I should mention that they were praying for a real estate recession.


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