Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i got us some new ziplock bags

This is what I said to my roommate just now. I said it because it felt like an accomplishment. We've been wrapping our sandwiches and apples and cheezits in tin foil for a week.

Also, I said it out loud because I had a big fat failure of a day in the studio. So, I had to give myself a big fat failure talk on the walk to the bus stop. I had to remind myself that failure is where we learn the most. That we have to fail or we don't ever learn some things. Some important things. Failure is not a waste. Not ever. And then I spent several minutes practicing being grateful for failure and saying prayers of gratitude for failing all day in the studio.

For a second, I felt more patient. 

The bus driver on the way home was so kind. He made a special stop just for me because I was his last bus patron on his last run of the day.


  1. I miss you. And I think you look like Sara Bareillis.

  2. ocho, I'd just have you think back on your success at Pumpkinman this past weekend! :)

  3. I'm so grateful for you and your writing. It helps me live. Love you.


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