Sunday, October 23, 2011

gospel = good news

 One of my blog friends recently wrote this quote:
I realized that dwelling in bitterness...holding on to the hurt and the anger...that's easy.
The much harder part is to let it allow your heart to be open...even at the risk of it being hurt.
Being able to take the good from even the worst of your life's experiences, and use it to bless your life in the perhaps the hardest part of it all.

But in the end isn't it worth it?
Worth it because once you've reached the end of 'hard' there is still room in your heart for more... [click here for the whole gorgeous post]
Her little girl is real sick right now. No one can figure out what to do about it. It's her first baby, and one that she waited for and hoped for for a long time. She has a lot of reasons to walk around being bitter. But she isn't. The result: she is creating more love. That is the best news about the gospel. The atonement allows for nothing to be lost. There is no pain or sorrow that cannot be flipped into gigantic happiness & love. 

One time this guy came to speak at my ward. I guess he must have been someone from the stake. I was in my delirious period. What he said helped me come out of it. He said, All we have to do in this life is learn to forgive and use our talents to help other people. 

That sentence made things so clear. I thought to myself: I can do two things. But it wasn't an oversimplification. Forgiveness is love. Learning to forgive is not just about humility and/or following a commandment (because, fine, Christ says I have to forgive everyone no matter what). Learning to forgive is learning how to really love the way God loves us. And when you learn or begin to learn that kind of love, you begin to see windows of heaven everywhere. And how wide & how open they are.

The love of God is the gospel; the best news.

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