Sunday, October 23, 2011

good news = valentine

 Today, an old student texted me. She said she wanted to tell me before she posted it on Facebook that a very wonderful boy asked her if she wanted to marry him. 

Their story is very lovely & very romantic. It includes the proper amount of loving each other without ever really knowing it. Of waiting, of friendship, of free-willed adoration. They were friends forever. But they loved each other in secret. At least, that was my theory last valentines, or the Sunday before valentines, when she came to the grandma house to tell me all her stories underneath the chandelier that hangs over the dining room table. I knew it would work out. I didn't want to get too excited. Nothing had really happened yet.

Yay! I love those evenings where you know something will happen soon, and it will be wonderful! yay!

But mainly, I was just super complimented to get that text. I take these announcements very joyously. Thank you Kayleigh! I love you! Congratulations!

(I love it when people look double pretty/happy just because they're clearly in love)

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  1. you are wonderful. :) i just realized i never commented on the post.


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