Saturday, September 17, 2011

zoltar says, make your wish

Last night, I went to the fair. I wore my friend's bright green hoodie & my shoes with the gold horses.  I ate a corn dog, and some of my date's fries, and at the end while we were sitting on the empty bleachers in front of the sea lion tank—he let me eat the cherry on our gigantic hot-fudge sundae.

The fair was sort of deserted because it had been pouring rain all afternoon. It reminded me of that scene in Big when the kid finds the old fortune teller machine.

When we went on the Ferris wheel, it felt hopelessly like September, instead of August 47th. 

But it was okay because once I get over July & August, there is something about Fall, and its moons, and its storms. It's the best season for wishing—

p.s. Today, I'm hoping its sunny without clouds. I need to go out to the salt lake and take some more photos. But, it won't work if it looks like its going to rain. (It won't look like its July 1st.)

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