Thursday, September 1, 2011

what i can't stop thinking about.

Someone in the last week wrote a blog post about Helen Keller. I can't stop thinking about her story. I feel like I need to find more about her. The same way I felt about Georgia O'keefe. She ended up changing my life. Thank you ashley mae for mentioning her painting in a facebook post a few years ago.

Also: alaska. Who wouldn't want to live on its deserted, cold shore with mountains and ocean in the same place?

Also: This song. Thank you SceneSister for posting this on your old blog way back when. It's haunted me ever since.

I've been swallowed by a whale called: school. Swallowed whole. But it's okay because it's like a dream where all I do is art all day long. Except it's my REAL LIFE! tomorrow I'm printing. Say a prayer for me (seriously). Today I was breaking things all over the place. Literally. I was printing while one of my professors was giving a demonstration on another press with the WHOLE class watching. It was very quiet. Except then, a heavy metal roller just popped off the press and started ROLLING down the press bed. It made a smashingly disruptive noise. And there I was pretending like it was really okay for me to use these machines. Then later, a much larger heavy metal roller fell off. I was sort of pushing it, but I didn't realize I was pushing it that hard.

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  1. Oh gosh, don't you just loathe moments when you have to totally pretend that everything you are doing is on purpose and legit otherwise you would be super embarrassed? I am always so afraid that will happen. Glad you recovered gracefully.


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