Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today, not everything went exactly as I hoped. But it was extremely close. 8 pieces of paper off. Which is pretty good. And I learned to never assume anything when printing.

Anyways, tonight I went to the gym and sat in the jacuzzi. A kid who looked like he might be 22 or 27 joined me with his container of Pringles. He asked me if I wanted one which was very kind. I declined because he was a stranger, and because I don't think we're supposed to eat in the jacuzzi. But it was so unexpected—I loved witnessing that moment. Of him eating chips in the gym. On the steps of the hot tub.

Then, on the way home, I was just thinking of some of my favorite all-time moments of my life. Then I was just really happy to be alive. I feel so lucky to have a family. To have so many years! And so many things to remember.

Like the night before I turned ten years old. I was in the kitchen and my mom was right next to me making something on the wooden cutting board that pulls out of the counter. She and my dad were telling me they were happy I was going to be a decade old. My dad asked me, What do you think about that? And I don't remember saying anything back. I just remember laughing or smiling and sort of spinning around the wood floor in my socks. Right there by my mom. I remember thinking, I'm so happy. A decade! A decade was such a great amount of time to be alive.

Then my dad put his hand on my head as he walked past me spinning.

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