Thursday, September 22, 2011

some stuff i think is pretty (and dreams)

One time, one of my friends told me he dreamt about work every night and solved problems in his sleep. I was so jealous. But, the past 3 nights in a row, I've had dreams about my work.  3 nights in a row! So lucky! This never happens to me. The first night, I dreamt I was in Dr. Sowell's class and he was teaching about Dante's Purgatorio. It was like I was re-learning a part I needed to remember for the project I'm working on right now. Then the next night, I saw the work how I needed to do it. I'd been thinking of revising one part, and when I woke up I was just thinking—revise it this way. It's a crazy project, and it might turn out absolutely crazy. I refer to it as the 3-ring circus because there is so much going on in it.

Last night, I dreamt about the next project I'll start in a couple of weeks. (I'm on a super tight schedule). I also dreamt someone had built a park and two townhouses in the field behind my house in California. All my sisters were there and we were trying to be friends with the girls who lived in the houses because apparently, we'd buried someone there while waiting to move the body to a proper cemetery. We were trying to figure out if the builders had found a coffin.... it all seemed very routine at the time, but I was nervous they'd report us for illegal burying. Later, we realized these girls didn't have a back wall to their house, which was convenient for having their friends come over and play instruments on the second floor. Including a bassoon. 


  1. I love your dreams! Also, these images are beautiful.

  2. Every single night this week my high school boyfriend has broken up with me in my dreams. It's starting to wear on my psyche.

  3. Illegal coffins and houses with no back walls always make sense in dreams. I'm so glad that they were all helpful.

  4. Em~ I love reading your blog because you remind me of me and my friends because we make books and hang fish from the ceiling and i know you make books, so i bet you would hang fish from ceiling too. One time when i lived on the indian reservation we made an entire aquarium on the ceiling, and you could lay on the floor and watch jellyfish right over your head. i like your blog.


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