Friday, September 30, 2011

Occasionally, some guys are confused

And they marry a girl because they think she's gorgeous. Or she's nice. Or she makes them feel needed.

But they never think: is she capable of feeling joy!!!(?)


  1. Good point! To be honest, there have been times I wondered that about myself--in this life. The Lord has schooled me. And the answer is, Yes!"

  2. HOLY. COW.
    this is very insightful. VERY insightful.
    we always wonder about this -- why men marry the type of women they do ... i'm grateful that i don't have to have a marriage where people will judge me on my looks.... ;)

    i wonder about the gorgeous women who do have joy and style and heart & soul -- do they get misjudged often?

    i am always astounded when i notice that a really awesome man - strong in the gospel and has a big amazing heart, marries a mean pretty woman. it makes no sense to me. but i guess they are the people that have to live with it!

  3. and i don't mean this to be a commentary about marrying a girl who is working out clinical depression. i just mean—does she really understand who she is? does this understanding or a beginning of understanding make her want to make people around her happy?

    also, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with marrying a gorgeous girl. hopefully the capacity to experience joy makes us all more gorgeous than we already are.

    i don't have time for a follow-up post today, but there will be one...

  4. I hope I can say I am capable of experiencing joy, whatever else I can or can't say for myself and that the person I eventually marry will have capacity as well. Can't wait for the follow-up post :)


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