Monday, September 5, 2011


This weekend, the whale of everything I need to complete spit me out on the beaches of southern Utah.

You know how I feel about the desert.

I've been watching Shakespeare plays, and movies, and coral-pink cliff faces.  I've been eating lemon and raspberry tarts. I've been trying to drink a lot of water, and successfully resisting the purchase of gigantic bags of Cheetos (even when I saw them on sale for $1) (which is a really good deal).

One gigantic thing about Shakespeare's plays (the ones that end happy), is that you can't help but leave that theater thinking anything is possible. That misunderstandings can be magically forgiven. That somehow all the people who are supposed to fall in love with each other will end up together. That the tragic hero will come through, he'll remember humility and courage—and then he'll win it all.

I've been thinking that fear really is the worst thing in the world. People say all the time, faith is the opposite of fear—so have faith! And I get it—in the big things like death, future plans, making gigantic decisions. But, this weekend, listening to stories, staring at rocks. I've been thinking that fear is the saddest thing in the world. It has so many sad sad sad manifestations. And it keeps us from such daily joy. We make that choice.

Sometimes the biggest fear of all is looking inward and facing our ugly parts—deciding how we can change them. Into something strong and beautiful. Into parts more capable of spinning love out of thin air.

I guess that's what I've been thinking—fear is the opposite of faith. 
(and also hope)
and also love.

And so, I will be a little more courageous.
All good things are possible with God.
Never forget.


  1. The lesson I've been learning is that it is possible to rejoice, even when my heart is breaking. Rejoicing in Christ.

  2. Man I love you. I saw some of my own ugliness tonight. This was a good pick me up. And I am super impressed that you didn't buy the Cheetos even though they were one dollar. I never go down that aisle because I can't stand the temptation.

  3. I've been thinking a lot about faith and doubt and fear lately too. Good timing...

  4. I like this. I agree... I think we need to face our ugly parts. Too many people don't, and it makes me sad to think how we could all be so much better.


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