Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jennifer Brickhouse saw them holding hands, and Stuart DeHann saw them holding hands

Brian Doyle wrote an essay about 9/11. You should read it. Here.

He's a writer, and every time I've seen him read, he takes a moment for us all to remember those who died. He reminds us they were husbands and wives, aunts uncles, friends, grandparents. He asks us to remember their children, their children's children. And all the children who could have been born if no one had died that day.

He lost two friends that day. He doesn't gloss over the pain or the immense immense and glorious amounts of love.

also this by a prophet of God.

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  1. I read that essay in one of my nonfiction writing classes when I was in school. I have never forgotten that phrase, "pink mist." I don't think I'll ever forget that. It's such a gorgeous piece written about such a harrowing moment in history for all of us, I think.


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