Friday, September 16, 2011

for friday; it took two days for kendi to make an appropriate response...

I was getting suspicious. I was wondering if she'd seen my blog post. I thought maybe I should text her, but then, I didn't want to pester—and it takes the funniness out of it if you tell someone about the video you posted for them on your blog. And, besides, it really wasn't that funny in the first place.

Anyways, Sunday morning, I got a text from her. On the preview it said, "Happy Sunday."

A couple of hours later when I had a chance to open the text, thinking it didn't say anything else, I realized there was a picture attached:

Dear Kendi: You Win.   (I have no memory of this note. At all. How old were we?) 


  1. I tried posting a comment on Friday... from my phone because I was one the road. I was anxious to see my post and realized it never posted. And I'm pretty sure we were 20 and 24..... I can't wait to be in the grandma house.

  2. how did you not end up kissing someone in mexico??!


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