Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dedicated to my English ancestors who dyed wool:

Last Thursday, my friend kaylynn graced the grandma house with her presence because not only does she occasionally chop down trees and hike in a skirt—she also knows how to dye fabric. She does this activity regularly when she wants to change the color of a dress.

She totally taught me how to do it! We used regular white muslin with red and pink dye. And I fell in love! The colors! It was like a soup! of color! That you could dip stuff in! Gosh I was swooning.

I don't want to get cheesy or anything, but I really felt like I was getting in touch with my roots.

This pink fabric will turn into some valentines next february. But actually, it will probably be July at the rate I make things around here. 

P.S. I'm almost finished with the great salt lake project. I hope to send out the prizes to those whose responses were chosen as part of the project by the end of October...

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