Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 beautiful things

Yesterday, 3 beautiful things happened. And today, I woke up hazy and exhausted. Sometimes beautiful things are difficult to carry around without telling anyone.

By 4:00pm, one beautiful thing had already occurred. I was trying to figure out what to do with it, also, trying to take a nap, when a guy I used to date called me. I haven't talked to him on the phone in maybe a year. He lives in a different city far far far away. We didn't date for very long, but we've been friends ever since. One time he found out I needed some pens, that I was always running out of pens, and so he sent me two gigantic boxes.

In the spring, I was thinking that we'd been friends for so long—we knew each other differently than when we tried dating the first time. I told him we should try it again. I said we could probably like each other more now that we actually know each other. He agreed. He said, I'm going to Europe this summer, but I'll come out to SLC when I get back.

So summer came, and I was dating various people. I wasn't really worried about him. I figured if he really wanted to try dating again, he'd work it out. But then, one day after I knew he'd gotten back from Europe, I checked out his Facebook page to see if he'd posted any pictures yet. He was "in a relationship" with a a gorgeous girl. I knew they'd be getting married. I was super happy for him. I wanted to say something right then, but I figured I'd wait till he got engaged. My roommate and I had a good-happy laugh about the whole situation.

But then, yesterday, he called me. He said he just wanted to ask me how I was doing. I told him I was excited he was dating someone. He said, Yes, she's the girl I'm going to marry—I wanted to tell you in person because I love you and you're wonderful. He said he'd met her while he was in France. She was the niece of a lady he knew on his mission. The lady said he had to meet her. So he went to her town, she showed him around, and they fell in love.

I said, "Paolo! That's the most beautiful story!" and he said, "I can't wait to hear yours someday." The phrase was so kind and so sincere—it was like someone whispered in my ear—you thought you knew what love was. But here was a man who'd loved me so well as a friend all along. I'd taken his respect and his friendship for granted. I'd barely noticed the significance. But here we were on the phone—and I don't know how to explain it—but it was like it was God saying, This is how I see you.

Charity is sometimes a difficult topic because it sounds so boring. The pure love of Christ just sounds like boring church stuff sometimes. Boring boring boring. But yesterday, around 4:00pm, I was left stunned and amazed by its ability to create more happiness. Just because one of my friends called me on the phone to tell me he'd fallen love! he's getting married! and he wanted to tell me in person because he loves me so much. He didn't even use the word "friend" he just said, "I love you and I wanted to tell you in person."

We just never know the ways our frank and sincere love 
for people around us can glorify God, 
and save souls. 


  1. you. are a writer!

    i love this post.

    it speaks volumnes.

    thanks for helping us remember that life has these moments that make it priceless!

  2. Ditto to both of the above comments.

  3. emily that is so beautiful. thank you for writing that!

  4. Between your post and watching the 25th anniversary special on PBS of Les Miserables yesterday, I went to bed thinking about love and how tangible and real it is. How about how God's plan is so perfect. And how loved we really are, if we could only just understand for 1 second. Then I just read that posted you linked on facebook of the man telling the girl "god bless you honey." It's all amazing and makes me want to bawl my eyes out.

    (I also scrolled down and saw you teaching swimming to her son and it made me want to be right by you and can you please teach my kids to swim?)

  5. Beautiful! Gosh love is beautiful. Beauty beauty beauty. You have lots of love, Em. That's one of the first things I noticed about you actually, all that love shining out of your eyes, back when you showed me a new swimming pool when regency was closed.

  6. Emily, thank you for being willing to post things straight from your beautiful soul. For me, that is pure love and I am grateful to be a witness.


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