Monday, August 22, 2011


This year my mom and I have mirror birthdays. I'm exactly half her age. I love that she was 30 when I was born. It's such a good number. Like an orange.

I think of all the things she accomplished by the time she got here to this place, and I think: she was so young. It makes me happy to know I had such a young mom. How deliriously fun it would have been to be 30 with her. And then I think: I was with her!

I was also thinking tonight (as we blew out imaginary candles on her cake—) (don't worry, she'll be having another party with real-life candles), about where I will be in 30 more years. It's like another lifetime! FOR FREE!

I'm so excited.

It includes: a horse (as usual), probably some books, a house with a backyard, a man who knows how to let be alone some days, the ocean, some mountains, significant time spent in Spain. Maybe a small girl named Paloma. We'll all call her Polly though. How could you resist? And gigantic orange poppies everywhere.


  1. "It's like another lifetime! FOR FREE!" That's my favorite thing i've read all day.


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