Friday, July 15, 2011


Today featured: me standing in the post office line.

I, of course, needed to overnight something. The line was really long. I had 25 minutes. I was extremely cranky because I was wondering why I couldn't get my life together enough to mail a package in a timely manner. Then, I realized, I didn't have the address. No biggie, I'll just call my mom and she'll look it up for me. It felt a little like high school, but that's the miracle of a cell phone. Then, I remembered I hadn't brought my cell phone because early this morning—it finally died.

So, there I was. Drifting in the line. Pretending I wasn't having some sort of life crisis. Wondering who would be nice enough to lend me their phone. Wondering if I was brave enough to ask. Maybe I should just go home and accept the defeat of my unorganizedness. I thought I didn't really deserve to have someone lend me their Droid. To have them dial my number twice (because I accidentally hung up on my mom: "It's okay," the lady said, "This phone is so sensitive, it happens all the time.")

What do you do to thank a lady like that? A lady wearing a hot pink shirt and running pants with two gigantic parcels, a lady willing to put everything down to dial your home phone number for you. I only had one dollar in my wallet, she said she wouldn't accept money. She said she was happy to help.

How do I thank my mom, who patiently asked me what kind of bubble wrap I needed? And when my brain wasn't functioning properly. When I wanted to say: can't you see it? the small bubble wrap in my brain. You know, the small, but not too small. And how I couldn't say any of this out loud. I could only look at her and say: I don't know. Whatever you have. (Because I was thinking about how my project still doesn't look like what its supposed to look like—and I was frantically trimming pieces of thread).  How can I thank her for patiently leaving the room and returning with her entire collection of bubble wrap? for holding up the pieces and saying: This one? This one?
It was a little like 8th English all over again when I got D on a quarterly report because I forgot to turn in homework assignments.

So I stood in that impossibly long and slow post office line. And I thanked heaven for the nice lady in hot pink. And I thanked heaven for my mom. And I took some deep breaths and said: this is a lovely place. this is all going to work out.

And it did. It only cost $18. Which is a steal of a deal to send something across the United States of America in 24 hours.

(happy friday)


  1. One time I locked my phone, keys, and kids in the car at Costco. I had to ask two people if I could borrow their phone to call someone to rescue me. The first guy I thought would be a nice grandpa, but he was a cranky one. Thankfully the next person said yes and didn't verbally (although I am sure she did mentally) judge me.

  2. What a sweet tender mercy from above. You are loved.

  3. for some reason i really needed to hear this.

  4. I seriously love you so much. You described it all so well. Standing in line and nobody knowing you were having a life crisis! Haven't we all been there?! I'm so glad you were surrounded by kind people. And that once you were past the scary "what am I going to do?!!" part but still in the frantic-ness of the moment, you were able to take a breath and tell yourself everything was going to be okay. I have so been there. And that part is a great feeling (and blessing, I think).


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