Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The reception = valentine

My dad built a light tent with my younger brothers.
My sister organized all the flowers—purchased them at a market, and then made them into bouquets.
My mom cooked for a month and a half. She made the chicken, the pork, the rice & beans, the wedding cake & the little cakes for strawberry shortcake (including the whip cream).  From scratch. Except for the styrofoam parts of the cake...

I knew she wanted to do it. It was her dream excuse to throw a gigantic party with delicious food. There was a moment when I was dicing onions two hours before the reception that I thought: this is a little chaotic.

But it turned out so beautiful and so gorgeously lovely—how could it not be fun? To chop onions? To slice strawberries? To watch your ten year-old cousin throwing all sorts of ingredients into a rice pot?

If I hadn't been chopping vegetables, I would have been taking a nap.

It all felt like the beginning scene of Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing.

The wind was blowing the white table cloths a little as we set them out. All my sisters + Tam's best friend were out there getting the tables ready. We were having such a good time.
Everything is more romantic with blue sky & blowing white table cloths.

Then later, after all the guests left, after the tables & chairs were put away—but the music was still playing—I watched my younger brother carry his wife across the lawn and kiss her under the light tent.

Then later, Spencer sang karaoke to all the sleeping neighbors and me and all my siblings sitting on the front step laughing.

My mom really knows how to organize a vision.
And Tam really knows how to fall in love with a great guy.
Good work team.

(Thank you thank you anyone and everyone who got roped into helping)
(We love you forever)


  1. i want to see pics of this soo badly. i've always dreamed making it out to your house, it sounds like a fairytale there.


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