Friday, June 3, 2011

The Random

This is the number you put in your phone for purely utilitarian purposes. He's your friend's best friend. He's the pizza delivery man. Or you need someone to mow your lawn, move a heavy piece of furniture, fix a broken appliance. Maybe you need to make an appointment with your local ecclesiastical leader, or he's in your group for a class project, or you need to purchase a book from him. Or he's the only one on the street who knows how to basket weave (underwater).

Anyways, fine. You put his number in your phone. You even put a note by his name reminding yourself how & why you need this number. Ex: Roy Pizza. Or, Troy Lawn. Or, BenFridge. Or, Max Econ101.
 In a year or so, when you're cleaning out your phone's contacts, the number will be easy to delete. 

But then, he calls you unexpectedly one day while you're in the middle of the desert.

You're currently looking at rocks, but he wants to know if you know how to longboard. 

I mean, he says, I could teach you.

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