Friday, June 10, 2011

if you see a girl put a stack of papers on top of her car

and the wind proceeds to blow them all off in a luxurious hurricane of white 8.5 x 11, and she wanders around in her high-heels trying to retrieve them, and the wind continues to blow them into puddles, and underneath cars, and she continues to chase them...
it's probably me.  


  1. i can picture this in my head. and i love that some things we should know include gregory alan isakov.

  2. This is so Anne of Avonlea. Just add Morgan Harris in a white suit and fedora.

  3. oh how i wish i could have been there to help you chase them!

  4. BUMMER! I hope you found them all and that some dashing, young man helped you pick them up . . .

    . . . and now you're madly in love with each other and a week away from being married for all eternity. :D


    Your life is so romantic. :P

  5. liz, i will try to make that happen next time. lol. i love you!

  6. HA! You are so Anne =). It makes me happy.


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