Thursday, May 26, 2011

an extra note about my victory

I've never played any sort of basketball games with my younger sister because she's taller than me, stronger than me, and because I stopped playing basketball in the 7th grade. I was on a team with all boys. They were all in the 8th grade.  I'd show up for the games with band-aids all over my legs because I was just learning to shave. I'm pretty sure they were confused by me.

Anyways, I just thought it would be funny. It was just p-i-g, not even h-o-r-s-e. I DIDN'T THINK I'D WIN!!! YAY! I WON! THERE IS HOPE FOR EVERYONE!



  1. I love these stories!

  2. "i'm pretty sure they were confused by me."

    haha. that made my day. i miss you, em.

  3. I love that you are reveling in your victory!

  4. ok. I demand a rematch.


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