Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the cheesy potatoes that got left in the oven...

Last Sunday, I woke up to the smell of cheesy potatoes. When I went out to the kitchen, Hailes was making cupcakes. Some were already baked and on the counter. I was super confused, but in my brain, I convinced myself that cupcakes could smell similar to cheesy potatoes. I mean, it smelled good. Hailes just said she couldn't smell anything because she had cold.

I went back to my room.

Suddenly, the air smelled very very gross. I mean, really gross.

When I went back into the kitchen Hailes said off-handedly: "There were some cheesy potatoes left over from conference in the bottom oven."

There was a pause. Then she said, "They're really moldy."

Then she said, "Sorry, I was cooking them on accident."


  1. Oh no! Were the cupcakes still yummy or did they taste like moldy potatoes?

  2. Ha ha! I would have such an upset stomach with that smell!

  3. I guess the bottom oven doesn't get used very much huh?


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