Thursday, April 28, 2011

smiley face!

I've only been employing the smiley face in texts for about one year. Hailes persuaded me. She told me guys love the smiley face. She says everything sounds better with a smiley face. So, when texting, I make sure to punctuate occasionally with the colon and the single, happy parenthesis.


After a year of using it, I have to say it makes communicating really great. For example, two weeks ago, my dad sent me a smiley face at the end of a text message about my mom. She'd been sick, and he wanted to let me know she felt better. I feel so lucky to have a dad who is an attorney, but knows the proper use of a complex smiley face (with a dash). I'm not ever deleting that message.

And, just now, I opened a facebook message from this guy I know. It's been a super long day. I shouldn't be in a funny mood, but who can resist a 3-paragraph email that begins with this kind of enthusiasm:    
Ok! :)
I laughed out loud. The kind where it's really funny. And you're really laughing because it's sort of absurd, but exactly how he'd say it in real life.

anyways. happy friday.
i'm stressed, but i hope your day is hilariously lovely. 


  1. Nothing is better than a smiley face, I love them! They make every sentence happy and nice :) See!

  2. you're stressed, but you will conquer. this too shall pass.

  3. I'm glad you wrote this. I'm always afraid that I use the smiley face too much. I just hate thinking that someone could interpret something that I say to be unhappy.

  4. you know, i've never been a big emoticon person, but you might convince me of their merits...

  5. I'm addicted! :)

    I have a lot of friends that use "lol" and for some reason that just rubs me the wrong way. I guess it's because they use it in places where you would never "laugh out loud" if you were involved in a real face to face conversation! So I use a smiley anywhere I would normally smile. :) And occasionally I even wink ;) to show I'm being ornery! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! it made me smile! ;)


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