Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hang the moon*

Or write a song with your friends. Post it on your Facebook page. See how long it takes for your girlfriend to view it. Or when you've been married more than 30 years, buckle your wife's sandals when she's too sick to do it herself (your daughter will watch from the doorway as you kneel on the carpet and put them on one at a time). Paint the refrigerator. Brush 3 feet of snow off a girl's car so she can drive home.

You know I love a top-secret love note. In all shapes and sizes. Especially when they are obvious.  Especially when they are so kind.

And really, I hope this gets to you. Meaning hope. Meaning a blessed seed of God's love.

*this post for la semilla besada. 


  1. I love your blog. In fact I found it through someone else's blog,when you wrote about being single. That post was an answer to a prayer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, you said everything I think and wish and need to hear over and over on hard days.

    You write in such a pretty way. I know it's weird to say writing is pretty, but that's what yours is. So thank you. Thanks for all the cute things you write, and for writing so elegantly. I am pretty sure we could be friends in real life...you seem quite cool.

  2. What a fun video! P.S. I bought red cowboy boots. I can't help but think of you when I see them and that makes me smile. :)

  3. Sue!!! I'm so excited about your boots! I can't wait to see pictues!

    @Jessica, don't you worry, we are already friends in real life. (but, really, thank you )

  4. i cried a little when i read this.

  5. Ditto to above -- all of it. Thank you for reminding us (in such a lovely way) about love.


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