Monday, April 18, 2011

bless her soul

Last night I was so bored. I was having a breakdown of boredom. I had to do a lot of stuff today-- and it was all so boring. Unfortunately, it was also very important to my career, to my future, to my status as a law abiding citizen.

I needed some motivation, so I called F8. She listened to me whine for a few minutes. She's very patient. But, she's a very good friend because when I finished listing all my grievances, she just said: "In Emilia v. Boredom, Emilia wins."

I don't understand how she notices these things, but somewhere along the way she figured out that I like to fight. Or, really, I like to win. So if she makes anything a battle, a war, or some sort of adverserial function-- I won't give up.

Only 7 hours left. 


  1. Ha!!! I love this. I feel we are kindred spirits, Emily. Make it battle and we will win!!!!!


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