Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1

Tulips are the best news in Salt Lake City. They don't mean winter is over-- they are just so green.

The tulips someone planted years ago started coming up a few weeks ago. I was very excited because I thought they'd be nice and tall by the time my family arrived for conference this weekend.

Then, one day, in the early morning hours, a deer came and ate the stalks down to the dirt. I was devastated. (The yard hasn't fully recovered from the great plumbing incident of 2010: there is a large patch of rock-hard Utah clay, plus a mini trench where the fill dirt settled. Stubby tulips don't help the ambiance.)

But! This morning! There was a whole crowd, a host of sprouting tulips!
(The desperate bulbs I planted two months ago! )

There is hope!
Also: there are three tulips growing in the middle of the front lawn.* (triple hope)

*lawn = a large patch of dirt


  1. Happy conference!!!!!!!! I wish I was there. Please tell everyone I love them. Including the tulips. I hear if you talk to your plants they grow better :)

  2. When I first moved to OR, I had to get used to things being MORE green, during the winter. Our grass is never so emerald as during the monsoon season, which is basically October through April. Or, through June, as happened last year. It's the summer when things get brown around here. All our daffodils are out, but no tulips yet. Come out and see it some time. You'd be very welcome. :)

  3. I love tulips! They always look so cheerful :)

  4. Tulips make me happy. So glad all is not lost!

  5. those darn deer are always trying to ruin garden happiness! I'm glad there is some tulip hope though!!


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