Monday, March 14, 2011

On grandmas and dreams and dinner

O.Splendid invited me to dinner at her house tonight. Her grandma came too. Grandma H reminds me of my own grandma. Except, Gramdma H is 91. (My grandma died in her early 70's.)  For some reason, whenever I'm around Grandma H, I want to tell her about my own grandma. I guess because I feel like she understands (being 91 and having her own grandchildren).

I told her a dream I just had about my grandma on tuesday morning. I'd woken up really early for some reason. I didn't have to get up till 8, so I went back to sleep. I dreamt I was swimming at the beach by my house in California. I was looking at the shoreline, and so I was getting pummeled by waves. Then I floated on my back, and I put my arm behind my head-- and suddenly someone was holding it. I couldn't see the person, and because I was swimming on my back-- I couldn't turn my head. I just knew it was my grandma's.  So I held on real tight.  I've had two other dreams about her.  But in this dream, I felt like we were talking even though we were just squeezing our hands together as tight as we could. 

And then I woke up.
I hadn't told very many people about the dream. But, with Grandma H, I just yelled it out as we were sitting down to eat. I felt like I needed to tell her-- because, like I said before, she'd understand (being 91 and loving her own grandchildren).

As she left for the evening, to go back to her own house, she noticed my cowboy boots. She said, "I like your ballet slippers." When I laughed and said, "Thank you!" She said, "Carry on then, carry on!"


  1. I bet your dream was real. Not as in you were actually in the water, but I think you were really communing with your grandma. That's very sweet. And, I like your "ballet slippers," too.

  2. I love that you love Grandma H. She loves you, too.


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