Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more good news

I just got off the phone with one of my good writer friends. We were discussing where all our BYU friends got accepted this year. Such happy news! I can't even tell you. We were just yelling out loud with happiness. We used to all be in workshops together-- and now everyone is sliding into top programs across the country-- and it's awesome. My friend and I talked about the importance of good professors who aren't afraid to push and encourage students to the maximum.

Then she told me one more piece of good news. Once upon a time she wrote a story. I read it right after she first wrote it.  It was a really good story, and it won first prize in a major, famous contest (and she received a lot of money). But, publication wasn't part of the prize. So, she sent it out to various venues thinking it would probably get picked up by some journal. But it wasn't. She sent it out over and over. She revised. She revised again. She added seven sentences to the end. She sent it out 25 times. The process took years. But! It's getting published this year! Yay!

(and hallelujah all over the world for happy endings) (they happen) (all the time). (with hard work).

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  1. That's so exciting. I love hearing stories of hard work paying off.


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