Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been wanting to fight people. Not for any reason. Except, Sunday morning I woke up remembering how one time I was on a soccer team. I was the team captain. We were in the tournament. The score was close, and the other team was totally out of control.

Especially this one guy who was about 6'2" and gigantic. He ran into my goalie. They were both on the ground. Except then, the guy had my goalie in a choke hold (to pull him off the ball). The ref couldn't see from his angle--to him, it just looked like they fell on top of each other. My goalie stood up yelling. The ref yelled back at him. In the meantime, I tried to tell the ref that the player was dangerously out of control-- but the ref wouldn't listen to me.

Twenty seconds later, this same guy kicked one of my player's legs in half. Broke both of the bones. My player was laying on the field with his leg at an incredibly unnatural angle. It took surgery to repair it.

Because I couldn't get that ref to listen to me, my friend is walking around somewhere with a metal rod in his leg.
I could have prevented it from happening.
 I can't get it out of my head. And so, I want to fight everyone.

But then, tonight, my car got stuck in the snow. Just horribly stuck. In a parking lot. Three guys were trying to push me out. But it was too slippery. Finally, I told them to stop. One of the guys told me he'd drive me home-- his wife was waiting for him just down the block in their car.

He'd already pushed two cars out, and he helped another girl as we walked to meet his wife.

They were laughing when they met up with each other, and they sort of bounced into their car, where Hey Ya by Mat Weddle was playing on the radio. I felt like some little orphan who had seriously been rescued.

I cried. I had to pretend it was because I'd had a really hard day. But, really, it was because they were being so kind. And because I could tell they were absolutely in love with each other. And some days, when I accidentally wear my cowboy boots with the leather soles out into the rain that turns into 8 inches of snow-- so that not only does my car get stuck, but I can't walk without slipping-- I might cry if you drive me home.

I can't fix all the injustice in the world. I can't go back in time and tackle that guy who broke my friend's leg. But, I'm grateful for people who do what they can to help. A little goes a long way.


  1. I was there, at that game. I watched you fight your heart out with that ref. You did everything you could Em. I know the feeling and it's frustrating, especially when you're a girl, when someone doesn't listen to you but you did everything you could and it wasn't your fault. It was the mean guy's fault and one day, when he grows up, he'll feel bad. Love you Girl! You're amazing.

  2. I kind of want to fight this girl in my study group as she makes rude comments to me and my other classmates.

  3. I am so glad you were rescued. You are amazing. I am sorry about your past regret, but it sounds like you did all you could to stop that crazy monster. By the way, I want to see these cowboy boots.

  4. you make me want to cry. thank you for this!

  5. Hey Emily. Kendyl sent me a link with this post, and I gotta say, I'm touched. I thought I was the only person who still thought about that day. Three things for you. One: My leg feels %100 better. I can run without any pain now, and I don't even set off metal detectors (though I'm admittedly a little sad that I don't). Two: I should have just jumped. The thought occurred to me right before we made contact, but I didn't wanna be a wuss, so I charged. Pride cometh before the fall, I guess. So that one was definitely on me. No way was that your fault. And three: I can't remember if I told you this or not, but after it happened, and I had nothing to do but lay on the field for awhile, I was so touched to watch you yell in my behalf. If I remember right, you got a penalty for it. It's a good and loyal friend who will get a red card for you. :) Thank you for being that kind of friend.

  6. I like this story. I don't know you but I can imagine you yelling at the ref. And the tears? We all have them. Sometimes I have too many. But can there really be too many? I'm not sure about that.

  7. sometimes we just need a good cry. and it usually happens at really inopportune times. i love that they were there to bail you out.


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