Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Innertube Waterpolo: a short history

Once upon a time I was working out at the pool and these random guys asked if I'd play on their innertube waterpolo team. I was like, "Yeah!!!" I played waterpolo in high school!!! Perfect!! This was back in the day when you could sign up for an intramural team five minutes before the game started. Back in the day when forfeits were rare.

My friend was with me, and we both played. Except we were really really bad at it. We hated it. We didn't get the rules. It was nothing like real waterpolo (where you can pull on swimsuits, hair, legs, arms).

I didn't play again for two years, then I was given the assignment to organize the intramural sports teams for my ward. Everyone was all excited about innertube waterpolo season. I just kept thinking what? But apparently they'd made it to the semi-finals the year before. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric played on the team. I had to purchase a schedule.

I dreaded it. Until the first game. Actually, I can't remember that first game. But I remember the season was really fun. Now that I knew the rules, I was practicing how to use the innertube as a weapon. Anyways. We had a good time. The next year I put together another team. I started recruiting my friends and family. We went pretty far. The next year, I think we made it to the semi-finals (lost the finals by one point) (and an unfair call). And then we won the championship three years in a row. (I was in college for a really long time) (lol).

Tonight we had another game. I had a moment of silence honoring all members of my team. Tracy. And the legendary Standring goalies. ChicaCherryCola with the crazy arms. Mateo. Becks. L-pants who moved so fast sometimes he ran over his opponent. The wolf who made a few rare appearances. Mindy. James L. Audrey & Joe (another legendary goalie) (goalies are key & hard to find). No one has a team with arms as long as ours. Its our secret weapon. Except my arms aren't that long.


  1. Wonderful days to remember. Joe was a great goalie. Thank you for inviting us to be on your team. They are fond memories for us!

  2. Innertube polo sounds like so much fun!!!!!

  3. you are such a pro at innertube waterpolo! I love it! I love our team! Go Team! Woot Woot!

  4. good luck on tuesday!

  5. Ran into your blog through April's...we miss you all! CONGRATULATIONS on another win!!! You guys are unstoppable! -The Standrings


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