Monday, March 14, 2011

another story about a previous student

The best part about being a teacher is that you get to make new friends. (Except, when I was a student, I was very bad at being friends with the teacher. I never knew what to say.)

The very first semester I taught creative writing, I had this girl in my class. She was absolutely hilarious, and an absolute romantic (more romantic than me). Her boyfriend had just left on a mission. And, she was determined to wait for him. She'd regale us with stories of letters and waiting and other unrelated funny stuff. But usually, I didn't have much hope for her and her beau. I mean, it's so long. She would change. He would change. What was the point of loving and waiting?

The semester ended, and we remained in touch somehow (bless you Facebook). To everyone's delight--she married that guy who went on a mission. (I will feel ashamed for my doubt for the rest of my life.) (Forgive me Tara)

Anyways. Everyone should read her blog. Because. It's gorgeous & funny. Start here. and then read here

Happy Monday. The winds have shifted (My brother surprised me last tuesday afternoon-- the day after i got stuck in the snow. I can't remember what we were talking about-- but for some reason he said, "Em, the winds have shifted." I love that phrase because the other half of it is "in your favor." Also, I love my brother.) Do something lovely today. For March. For luck. 

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  1. Ummm, that was your FIRST semester teaching creative writing??!?? You are/were/will always be incredible!

    I am so grateful we stayed in touch. I love everything I know about you. You are so sweet to write this. (I always read your blog, so what a surprise!)

    Ps. Don't feel bad for doubting--I did a lot a lot a lot....especially while I dated other guys...


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