Monday, February 21, 2011

right now

There is an orange tangelo underneath my car in the garage. It's been there for 3 days. It rolled under there the other morning before I could catch it (as I got in the car-- I'm actually confused about how it could have possibly rolled into that position smack dab in the middle of my tires). I tried to retrieve it, but I couldn't reach it-- and I was late, so I had no choice but to leave it there.

I was careful not to run over it as I backed out of the garage.

And now, three days later, it's still there. (Because it was still in that awkward, un-reachable position when I pulled back into the garage).

Hailes shoveled the driveway this morning. I thought she might like to eat it the tangelo for breakfast, but I forgot to yell out the window (as I backed out), that it was fair game.

So, it's still there.


  1. Aww poor tangelo! Hey,maybe you can have it for dinner :)

  2. I hate when stuff rolls under my car like that. I always forget to go and retrieve it.

  3. Right! and then you just keep running over it! The whole situation is super pitiful.

  4. dear many colours, my roommate finally rescued the tangelo, i might eat it tonight-- meanwhile its just sitting on the counter...


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