Sunday, February 27, 2011

her rockstar name

Tonight, my friends & I dragged ourselves out of our houses.

You might know how this feels. You feel all cranky all day because you know you should go out. You should do something (besides homework). Meet new people. Find out three things about someone. Do your hair.

We like being social. But, ugh. Sometimes we don't. We also don't want to be 90 and alone, so we're willing to sacrifice. (At least me and O.Splendid.) (Julie's only 21-- I don't think she cares.)

Since I left my house at 8pm, and the birthday bbq we were supposed to attend started at 6pm, I knew our night could end up being short and very sweet [& pitiful]. But, last second, I wrote down the address for an open mic night hosted by a friend I hadn't seen in forever.

You know a birthday party is pretty much over when people are watching basketball on the couch... So, we dragged our unsocial bodies to that open mic night. We promised each other we only had to stay for twenty minutes. But, we met Michael on street in front of the house. Then we met Dustin. Shane. Then, I made Julie sign-up to play. When it was finally her turn (after a ukulele solo and a sweet cover of an Alice in Chains song), she borrowed Dustin's guitar, and introduced herself as Jules Morrow.

I'd never heard her sing before (even though I drove down to the Velour last week--but I missed her set! ah!). (Don't worry, this story has a happy ending.)

 She brought that house down.
We were all mesmerized.  
(You know, when everyone just stops and stares, like, where did this girl come from? Do you know her?) (but imagine how you would feel if you were standing in someone's kitchen and you heard some girl belting this song in the next room.)

It was kind of gorgeous to witness one of my friends do just one of the things she was born to do.


  1. you are an angel to me right now. thanks for hanging with my 21-year old self. mmm love you haha

  2. i always forget my phone can do video! ah! next time.


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