Wednesday, February 23, 2011

art project

I like watching project runway because there's always a few contestants who are extreme artists. They have a vision. They have ideas. They are not interested in boring skirts. It's amazing to watch them cut out flat pieces of fabric and make amazing structures. They might fail a couple of times... almost get kicked off the show... but not because they didn't have a vision & not because they didn't know how to learn. And, so they end up winning the whole thing.

I talked to a good friend the other night (F8). We have some extreme dreams. I like scheming with her because it's easy to feel fearless. Or at least, courageous (even if I feel afraid and misunderstood, like I should go somewhere and throw-up because we're under fantastic amounts of pressure & odds).

I don't really care about winning-- but, I'm going to wear some skinny jeans and cowboy boots, and I'm going to make something the world has never seen before.

That's my five year plan.


  1. i love that you're an artist. and that you have skinny jeans.

    nothing makes me feel more artistic than skinny jeans. rock them, em.


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