Monday, January 10, 2011

My favorite holiday. And why:

Last night, a guy told me he hates hearts.

I can see his point. Candy-box & grocery-store hearts are usually blasphemous. They make me nauseous. Too pink or too purple. With too much electric pigment.
They remind me of plastic Barbies.

Except, ...I love hearts. Drawn by hand. Or cut-out from construction paper. Or painted. Or printed in a good, solid, healthy shade of pink. (Any kind of fuschia make me swoon.)  

Who can resist a triangle crossed with a circle? (It's so well-tailored.)

Valentines is the best holiday of the year. (after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July).  I don't really know why. Except its an excuse to make things out of pink and hearts. !!!!!! Who can resist !!!!!!

Anyways, the conversation made me so excited for valentines! All the excuses for excellent shades of pink used for various purposes. For red-foil wrapped treats! For the stories! To make a valentine box out of paper mache!

I'm sorry. I won't apologize
I can't resist that kind of festivity.

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