Friday, January 21, 2011

A January Prize

The other day Hailes walked into the house with a prize from our mailbox: the January issue of National Geographic! My dream come true!

Every day when I eat lunch I read about another place. Did you know Timbuktu has all of these ancient books? Did you know some man discovered a cave in vietnam that has a jungle inside it!!! Or that if the ocean temperature of a reef rises like one degree-- the whole reef will die?! Or that the color green on butterfly wings is made from light reflecting off a structure? So amazing. I'm looking forward to some more amazingness. I can't wait!

(Thank you Thank you Thank you to the lovely mom & dad who sent me a grandma house subscription! I promise I'll do cool stuff with it!)

***photo of a mound in missouri left behind by an ancient civilization (they actually made gigantic mounds all over the south east)... 

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  1. Ooooo I love the mound builders! I love your excitedness. It's making me excited. I want to go to that cave. Real Bad.


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