Friday, December 17, 2010

A top secret note to a good friend

Do you remember the night in October when I called you at 2 in the morning? I hadn't even called my dad yet. The pouring rain woke me up. I'd gone downstairs to find water pouring into the basement. The basement we'd spent all night drying out with the towels you'd brought over when I'd already used every single one in the house. The floor was now a swamp. No amount of towels could stop the water. I was wandering outside in the freezing rain trying to figure out what to do with a five-foot deep and leaking trench in my front yard. I'd called you because I was desperately panicked.

But there was nothing you could do. I knew it. So I told you to pray that it would stop raining. So you prayed, and went back to sleep (thankfully). And I called my dad and pulled out a shovel from the garage and got to work. But, after a while-- the rain turned to snow. And it really helped. And we got everything cleaned up. Somehow.

I wish I could do something for you tonight. Something physical that would help you. But I can't. And I hate it. So I'll just be praying.
For the rain to stop or for it to turn into snow.

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