Friday, December 10, 2010


Someone left a national geographic in the little kitchen at the studio. So lately, when I'm eating my peanut butter & jelly sandwich, I've been reading about blue holes. Also, one day when I was thinking about flamingos, I found this video:

Also, this evening, I happened to meander down to the library to check out a laptop for my office hour. I was just standing there staring at something (i can't remember), when I turned to my right and noticed a "lost & found" table. I was wondering if I was allowed to just take stuff-- I was confused that everything was just set out-- but then! (imagine my happiness when) i saw my long lost water bottle! The aluminum one I bought to save the planet (but really becuase i hate wasting money on plastic water bottles). I've been severely dehydrated since I lost it! I was considering asking for another for Christmas because I really didn't want to have to purchase another... and i found it! it was so lucky! and such an extravagant surprise.

Tonight i think lots of things are possible. Probably more than we can ever imagine. And, so I think I have a responsibility to be better at imagining. And dreaming. (If you listen to this song**, every day before you get on the bus-- I bet you'll feel the same way.) (Warning: it includes a line about a chandelier...)


**can't take credit for discovering the song-- it was a gift from a good friend.

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  1. I like to imagine that there is always music in the background when the flamingos are doing that dance. (!) Yesterday what looked like millions of seagulls swooped in giant waves over the Lagoon next to Manchester. They landed and just sat there on the water. Seriously, hundreds of them just still on the water. It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it before.


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