Thursday, December 16, 2010

Namaste (II)

As you know, I live in a house with sparkly ceilings and a chandelier over the dining room table. A few months ago, I made a commitment to use the long wooden table more often. And so, the first roast dinner ever, and a salmon dinner for my birthday, and then I thought I'd invite my students for a final that would include dinner and a reading.

The dinner didn't turn out as good as the first time-- the mashed potatoes were a little lumpy... and something was off with the gravy... but the students! All 12 of us fit around the table. And we used Grandma's china, the plates with the blackberries on the fluted edges, and the purple goblets. For vegetables, we ate blueberries and tangerines. Then we had pie for dessert (donated by a very generous student).

I love using the things my grandma loved for occasions she would have loved. Another thing I love about the structure I live in: I have a creeping suspicion that people who come here feel loved. Like the house just says, you are so lovely, why don't you come in, sit on my gold couch, sneak a treat from the candy bowl, please please play something on my piano-- It's so fun having people here.

My students came tonight! We ate at my grandparents' table, and then we sat in their chairs and listened to poems, essays, small stories. Topics included: Death & Darkness, tandem bikes & the golden gate bridge, persuasion & the ward choir, very strange neighbors, love hope charity, a 15 year old boy breaking the law & telemarketing, storage wars, surfing, writing & time travel. The gorgeousness of stretchmarks. I loved it. Loved it. Mainly, I'm so lucky.

I always knew I wanted to teach. But, gosh, I never thought it would be so lucky!

Afterwards, after everyone left (even though I didn't want them to ever g0), I lit my advent candle for Christmas, and thought about how I'm really grateful for all the good people I know.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS (from the grandma house). HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!happy happy happy Christmas!

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