Thursday, December 2, 2010

i need a sentence about the tide

in the 9th grade i did a report on erosion. i took all these pictures of the cliffs. i learned about the street that was swallowed by the sea. and some buildings that collapsed with the bluffs. i'd always been taught that erosion was bad. maybe it was all the video clips about the rain forest being chopped down and the soil sliding away. anyways, all i could think about was how beautiful the cliffs were. i didn't want the erosion to stop. i still don't.

so there. i still believe in recycling. and i still need something about the tide. something. i don't know what yet. but doesn't everything seem clean when it goes out? a different kind of snow.

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  1. Who was that British king, who thought he could order the tide to stop and ended up with water around his ankles?


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