Sunday, December 5, 2010

hope (or mercy)

A couple of years ago, I was asked to do an assignment for church that would last several months, and take a lot of time. I was going into my second year of grad school. I was teaching two classes. I was supposed to write a thesis.

Towards the beginning of the assignment, I told my dad I was a little worried about time. It was over the phone, but my dad got that tone in his voice. The one that says: Don't you ever forget what I'm about to tell you. (So, I was paying attention.) He told me that if I served God first, everything would work out.

I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. But, I remembered what my dad said, and I witnessed miracles I could never have dreamed up.

That year, I learned God is extremely extravagant.

Anyways. Then the assignment was over. I continued on with my life. I tried not to forget the stuff I learned, and what my dad said. So last week, I was looking over the edge of what seemed like a black hole. There wasn't enough time.

If I failed to complete everything-- no one would die or be maimed, but I'd be sad. I don't like failing.

I couldn't figure out how everything would get done, and two of the projects included a church assignment-- which would take a lot of energy and time (trust me, I tried to find a short-cut). On the surface it didn't make any sense to do the church stuff. I had no idea how everything would get finished.

I'm not going to say that last week was easy or that I got everything done. I didn't. I still have a lot left. But, I did what my dad told me to do. And I know God will help me finish the rest. Even if looking down this week is as scary as the last one, I know he's going to help me in minute detail. Because, it's already started:

a. I really wanted to go wedding dress shopping with my little sister (who wants to miss that festivity?!)-- but, I didn't have time. Sad day for me. But, like I mentioned before, Heavenly Father has a way of being extravagant. He helped organize a way. (And, now I have a memory I'll never forget. It includes Tam-Jay happy & looking for something beautiful.)

b. i live with hailes who has a knack for making everything funny and fine.

c. my mom is in town, and she made me a cake with almonds on top.

d. late tonight, when i was really thinking i couldn't live through tomorrow for various humiliating reasons... God made sure Figure8 was on hand to talk me down from the cliff and convince me the black hole was really a small puddle of mud. I'd be fine.

e. So many people helped me last week. Including the lady at the UTA lost & found who called the bus driver and made him look in the back of his mass transit vehicle for the stack of very important/confidential papers I accidentally left there.

Thank you everyone. Seriously. Thank you.

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  1. Amen and amen! This is the lesson I'm still trying so hard to learn. We'll see how this next week goes...


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