Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday at Aunt Nancy's

About a month ago, I drove to my aunt's house to celebrate and eat dinner with her family. She made the turkey just like my grandma did (with the stuffing cooked inside). I loved it. After dinner, we talked until past midnight. She showed me some of her poems. Which were lovely. (I'm still haunted by a certain saguaro cactus).  It was so fun to just sit on her couch with the freezing tundra outside and laugh our heads off.

Every year on my birthday, my aunt sends me a birthday card, even when I was in college (and it was impossible to know my address). She's taken such good care of me my whole life. Especially after my grandma died. I cannot think of my aunt without thinking of my grandma--.

A few weeks ago, she had a birthday. She claimed she didn't want to make a big deal of it. She just wanted lunch with her kids. But, she's extraordinary. So, they surprised her and invited 40-50 of her family and close friends. It was so fun! (My assignment was bringing her portrait that hangs above the fireplace in the grandma house.)

And she was so surprised! And happy! (She was so happy, she yelled out loud--which was my favorite part.) We all sang Happy Birthday really really loud because we were so happy she was born.

Then her youngest brother got up and started telling all these stories about her. She was twelve or something when he was born. She wanted a sister, but he was a boy (don't worry--she had five daughters). Anyways, it was so obvious he loves her so much-- i wanted to go somewhere & cry.
I'm so happy I'm her niece


  1. I wish I could have been there. We have the best family in the whole world!

  2. That is beautiful. Aunt Nancy really is extraordinary...she became my lending library while I was in SF and mailed me her favorite books! So sweet.

  3. Beautiful! She is an amazing aunt!


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