Saturday, December 18, 2010


The other day, I was talking to a guy on my swim team (once a week, i'm on a swim team*).

He was kindly asking me about Max. So, I explained the few obstacles (in this universe) keeping at least this one guy named Max from asking me out. The guy on my swim team said, "You really know how to pick 'em."

I just laughed. But, in my head I was saying, "Yes, actually I do know how to pick them." Has anyone forgotten the Russian?

Like tonight. I was riding TRAX. I was alone. It was late at night. But don't worry I was perfectly safe. I was slightly cold.Only slightly bored. When I noticed a very attractive man sitting four rows ahead of me. He was tall. He looked like maybe he spent afternoons riding a motorcycle. Or boxing. Anyways, he stood up to get ready to exit the train. He picked up his coat and started putting it on. And then, just as he put his arm inside: a can of beer and a Hickory Farms beef stick** fell out of the left sleeve. The train was amazingly quiet. So we all heard and saw the items tumble to the floor. Then he said, "Oh no! my beer [slight pause] ...and my sausage!"

*there's only two people on the team. is that a team? [please say yes][i really want to be on a swim team].
**the kind we love and dad slices for Christmas lunch!
p.s. this post dedicated to the wolf. because i know he will probably find it the funniest. and i love making him laugh out loud.

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