Monday, November 15, 2010

We are shenanigans

Monday nights I call Figure8 while I walk to my car. It's usually dark and cold and I hate walking and being cold. So I call her, and we review the week until I'm in my house and eating trail mix with M&M's. It's great.

She's the person I call when I'm absolutely mortified. She knows about mortification. And she finds pretentiousness appropriately hilarious. We battle against it with machetes on our shoes (to steal a phrase from hailes). Mostly, we laugh and stretch out our favorite stories as far as we can.

For example, one time she told me that she got locked in her bathroom. She lives alone. She told me that she screamed for as loud as she could for a good ten minutes. Then, she said, I sat down on the toilet seat and told myself I had to pull it together. She stared at the doorknob, and she told herself: There is a solution. Then, the girl who ties silk ribbons to almost everything she owns pulled a McGyver and opened that doorknob with a bobby pin and a toothbrush (or something)

Tonight, she told me how she was at a work conference. Someone was passing out a bag of gummi worms. Everyone was taking a few because everyone loves gummi worms. Then, someone passed around a bag of edible flowers. You know, clover, roses, pansies. No one took any. But then, someone said they were for her. They were a gift from this other lady at work because Figure8 is always discussing flowers...

So she accepted the gift.
She thought she could get away with just putting two on her pad of paper.
But then, she said, she knew she had to eat them.
So, while everyone discussed-- she put a whole rosebud in her mouth.
Then the clover.

Tonight, while I sat at my little table, we laughed our heads off.

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