Saturday, November 20, 2010

and instead of wishing, we yelled out loud

A horse. Beethoven. Spain. A handmade dress. An abandoned house. Arizona desert. Then New Mexico. Boston. Somewhere in Tennessee. Ocean-swimming. Running shoes. Backpacking. A fire in the fireplace.
A wide open space for the Pleides next August.


  1. happy birthday. i wish you infinite happiness in the grandma house.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!! You are gorgeous. Your writing is like sweet honey dripping over the moon and spreading out across the sky. Love you!

  3. Hey Woman!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's a great one! You are one AMAZING person. Love your guts!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to my baptism buddy! I hope you had a great birthday, here's to finishing our 20s strong! :)Enjoy this year! love ya


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