Monday, October 18, 2010


my dad used to be a mission president.

i know i don't ever talk about it because... when does that ever come up in conversation? it was a long time ago ( ...but sometimes in my head it just happened yesterday).

today, i was sitting in church, and i just started thinking about those missionaries, and how good they were. and how they really wanted to help people know God better. and how lucky i was to know them. and then, for some reason, i remembered how my mom and dad loved them all-- how they would do anything for them even now-- so many years later.

and then i thought about how charity never faileth and how love affects generations. and how God is above all, very merciful. and hopeful (as in.... full of expectation).


  1. oh how i love missionaries. and this post.

  2. And then you thought about all the good times you had while your dad was a mission president. The great high school friends you made that you will have for life. The crazy car rides, swimming adventures, and laughing - lots of laughing you did. And then your high school friend smiled and thought about all of those things too. :)


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