Saturday, September 4, 2010

sometimes when i feel totally and completely humiliated, when my ego (shaped like a heart) has just been smashed like a small frog, it helps if i remind myself that in high school i was on the constitution team. and i was good at it. i had very short curly hair, i wore pencil skirts, and my group rocked the state finals.

in addition, i think about page 4 of one of my favorite books (bullet points 5 & 6). it makes everything seem very hilarious and much less humiliating.

and, don't worry, i just found some gummi bears in the outside fridge.


  1. look at you, being a good friend, and joss sleeping in until 6!

  2. oh man, emily. i sure do miss you.

  3. Are there any surviving photographs of Emilia del Mar with very short curly hair and a pencil skirt? because holy cow are you kidding? DANG, GIRL.

    Tell me you did not also have, like, librarian glasses or something. Because I would probably have a heart attack.

  4. You are seriously one awesome girl! Love you!


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